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Love Your Home Again

When I was thinking about what I wanted to focus on for February I starting thinking about how excited I was when I was moving into our new home several years ago. What brought this to mind was some eventful changes happening in our family. My mother in law who is 83 years young, has decided after living in the home she and her beloved husband built 57 years ago, is moving to Kearney. We have begun the purge and set in motion the process of deciding what she will continue with in the next chapter of her life.

These decisions have made me reflect on how excited I was to have a new canvas to create a space for our family to grow and make memories. With new closets and places to put things come hope for living a simpler life. Having only what you need. At least that’s always the plan. When we are given a chance to start fresh we have hope! We might have more storage then we we had in our old home or better storage systems. Unfortunately our human tendency is to fill any void with more stuff rather than have an empty shelf.

In February I challenge you to think back to when you moved into your home and try and recapture some of those magical plans you had for all the new spaces. Does your home need minor repairs… a loose cupboard or a door knob that doesn’t shut properly. Most repairs only take a few minutes! Reassess how you are using the storage space that you were so excited about when you moved in. No one ever moves into a home wishing their closets were jammed packed with stuff. Take the time and start with a space that you and your family interact with on a weekly basis. Is that space being utilized best? Are there items that don’t belong in the space? Do you need it all? Are items waiting for repair? Just do it! You truly will be amazed at how tackling just one space will change your attitude and possibly your family’s life for the better. Clutter is just a bunch of delayed decisions! Use this month to “love up” your home. It provides you a safe place to raise your family. It should work for you… not against you! Begin today and see the “snowball” effect of good vibes and a less stressful life happen just by showing your home some love!



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